About Robbins Global Innovations

We are relationship management experts who help connect leaders & organizations to global contacts and resources to facilitate partnerships that help forge greater success.  We are well seasoned curriculum designers who are able to create engaging and impactful educational content for your seminar, symposium, presentation or learning modules.  We conduct research and country risk analysis to assist clients with critical business decisions from both government and the private sector and can assist with innovative multidimensional strategies to meet national international business goals.   

Our Services

Robbins Global Innovations is committed to helping clients reach their goals.  No idea is too big or too small for us, our mission is to simply help create a positive future for our clients and help them connect globally through the exciting vehicles of human relationship building, geopolitical strategy and worldwide communications tools that reaches universal audiences.  We incorporate the values of diversity, inclusivity, equality, conflict resolution and diplomacy in our working relationships. The tools that we use in our work are a combination of implementations based on communications, technology, psychology, economics, history, geopolitical strategy, and international relations. These strategies when mixed with a well of experience and a skillset for effective communications, strategic operations and research prove to be extremely effective for global initiatives.

Robbins Global Innovations specializes in domestic and international projects in a myriad of fields. Our projects include capacity-building, awareness-raising, program and project evaluation, assessing the impact of policies and interventions, curriculum design, referral services, synthesis reports, data analytics,  multi-country research and country risk assessment analysis for international businesses.

Who We Are

Lynare Robbins, Founder